How do I set my phone to always record phone calls?

The Extensions Module is used to set up and control each extension on your system.  In the Extensions module, you will be able to set up or modify the extension number, the name of the extension, the password, voicemail settings for the extension, and other options.

In order to access the Extension Module section:

  • From the top menu click Applications
  • In the drop down click Extensions


Existing extensions appear in a table on the Extensions Module landing page. You can click on an action for the extension to edit or delete it.

Viewing/Editing an Extension

  • Click on the pencil icon for the extension you wish to view or modify.
  • Make the desired changes.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • Click the Apply Config button.

In order to record all calls, click on the pencil icon for the extension you wish to modify. Once you have accessed the extension page, select the "Advanced" tab. Scroll down to the "Recording" section and FORCE.

Recording Options

Inbound External Calls

Force/Yes/Don't Care/No/Never: Recording of inbound calls from external sources.

Outbound External Calls

Force/Yes/Don't Care/No/Never: Recording of outbound calls to external sources.

Inbound Internal Calls

Force/Yes/Don't Care/No/Never: Recording of calls received from other extensions on the system.

Outbound Internal Calls

Recording of calls made to other extensions on the system.

On Demand Recording

Disable/Enable/Override: Enable or disable the ability to do on demand (one-touch) recording. The overall calling policy rules still apply, and if calls are already being recorded by "Force" or "Never," the cannot be paused unless "Override" is selected.

Record Priority Policy

This is the call recording policy priority relative to other extensions when there is a conflict (i.e. one extension wants to record and the other extension does not). The higher of the two priorities determines the policy. If the two priorities are equal, the global policy (caller or callee) determines the policy.

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  • 10-Mar-2016